Wedding Ceremony Decor Musts Have for your 2018 Wedding

Much like you, we often take to Pinterest and Instagram to find the latest and greatest wedding trends. Although we like to think we’re already a little ahead of the curve, sometimes we need a photo or two to explain our design ideas, as well as to provide a visual for a general theme or overall ambiance. Many of today’s most popular wedding trends come from large metropolitan areas here in the US and many come from abroad.  We find there is usually a six+ month delay for trends to reach us in Florida. Some of that is because it’s harder to get materials here, sometimes it’s simply because we may not have a venue or vendor that can deliver “the goods” quite yet. 

All that said, we have some great ideas for your wedding ceremony decor! Your ceremony is the launch point for your marriage! Your MARRIAGE and vows are THE most important part of the day. Without the ceremony, there isn’t technically a wedding now, is there?!  So we believe that your ceremony should be amazing. From the words you tell each other, to #allthefeelings you’re sharing, to the kiss. The ceremony is SO very special.  And we want it to be as spectacular looking as it is feeling.  

Here are our top tips (and inspiration) for making this important part of the wedding ceremony really visually memorable. 


Say WOW with a statement piece or a subtle “come hither” grouping. We love a large statement arrangement on either side of the walkway area. This is also a great place for a suspended option- think handing greenery, a large floral & crystal chandelier, or cascading floral arrangement. A cluster of lanterns or candles work great too.




This is a non-negotiable in our book! You must direct your guests! Adding a floral or greenery flourish to your signage really elevates the look. It’s a great way to incorporate added color too.  Be it mirrored, wooded, vintage window, acrylic (a new favorite of ours) or chalkboard, don’t leave it naked!





Don’t forget to define this space! And we’re not just talking about adding an aisle runner or rose petals. We’re talking about defining your entrance, roping off the aisle,  and decorating the chairs. This is the most important walk of your life. Make it the prettiest too! We love large arrangements, doorway arches, and fabric at the front of the aisle to really say “hello, here I am!” We also love when each chair has some kind of accessory- be it a hanging arrangement, a hand-tied bouquet, a sprig or greenery or single stem, your chairs, like your signage, should be dressed!




 Altar Area: 

If you could only pick one or two ceremony spaces to accessorize with florals, THIS is it! We’re obsessing over moon arches (aka circular arches/arbors), but love anything that says “please get married beneath me!” Ha! We also adore a flower wall! From twig arbors to full floral arches, we want your vows and first kiss to not only be incredible but for the photos to look fabulous too!  This IS the backdrop for the entire ceremony and the area should be defined accordingly! Of course, take your venue into consideration (a church, for example, is more suited for large arrangments on pillars than a moon arch). But also don’t be afraid to go bold. We promise it won’t be a distraction!








With all the wedding planning decisions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choices. We’re here to help you make the best ones you can about your florals & design.  Questions? Ask away! 


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