Decoding your bouquet style: How different shapes create different impressions

Selecting a bouquet is an important decision (as are so many others in the wedding planning process). Your bouquet is an accessory, as well as a decor element. It’s where you begin to incorporate wedding style & color. And for some, sentimental meaning. From carrying a rose bouquet like your grandmother to including freesia for innocence and friendship, your bouquet is the most personal flower choice you’ll make on your wedding day.

The size, shape, color and floral selection in your bouquet all matter for conveying your wedding “theme”

Posy – The timeless option that most people think of when they say “bouquet of flowers”. A “tight” yet slightly organic style bouquet with lots of blooms, often hand tied or wrapped. We consider this the most popular for modern weddings. 

Round –  The other timeless option that many people immediately think of when referring to a wedding bouquet. This is a “dome” of flowers in a very tight, round ball shape. However, this isnt’ to be confused with the pomander, because the stems are still included. They’re usually wrapped pretty tight with ribbon, lace, twine, etc. 

Cascade – We’re seeing a BIG comeback with cascading bouquets. This what what almost every bride married in the 70s and 80s had. Bountiful blooms cascading down the front. Large and in charge. Princess Diana’s has been one of the most memorable cascading bouquets. 

Hand tied (aka garden style) – some people may refer to this style as bohemian, and we must admit, it does have a strong boho vibe. The nature of the design is very free form, loose and organic, with flowing, cascading ribbons and soft ‘edges”. It’s been a popular choice over the last couple of years and we don’t see any major changes in the near future. A greenery bouquet often fits into this category as well. 

Nosegay  – A small bouquet, also known as a tussie-mussie.  These are really just bouquets that are smaller in size from the brides, great for mothers, grandmothers, flower girls and even bridesmaids. They’re usually in a more rounded or hand-tied style and often compared or confused with a posy. They’re very similar. 

Pomander – This is an adorable option that is often seen carried by flower girls. It’s a full rounded circular bouquet suspended/hanging from a ribbon. Usually a single color of hydrangea or roses. 

Composite –  One giant flower! If you’ve ever pictured yourself walking down the aisle with a single stem but would prefer it to be the size of a more “traditional bouquet”, a composite style is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s basically a deconstructed and reconstructed flower.  The best example would be a rose. We take hundreds of petals and recreate the “rose” in a gigantic, no way you could find this in nature, size. It’s quite the statement piece!

We think this article by Inside Weddings gives some great examples of what we’ve described above. 

Although not defined yet, we’re also seeing a trend for bridesmaids to carry something a touch different- from a geometric open terrarium to a wire wreath with floral accents, couples are breaking the bouquet mold and trying something completely different! We’re ALL for expressing individuality and always up for a good challenge ūüėČ 

We specialize in floral artistry in all shapes, styles & sizes. We pride ourselves on creating the style that is best suited for our couple’s preference! We’d love to show you our portfolio and discuss YOUR perfect bouquet! Contact us today to schedule your free consult in the studio (or via video chat). 

A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere

Today we are delighted to share with you A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere!

Recently we decided it was time for a makeover in our showroom. Photographer Dan Harris who just so happens to be the same photographer who took the beyond fabulous photos of Susan’s daughter’s wedding, was kind enough to come into our shop and have a mini styled photo shoot.¬†We wanted our new showroom to have a dazzling appeal, featuring beautiful reflective furnishings, soft lighting,¬†portraits of our most fabulous wedding and of course fresh floral arrangements.

Our bright sitting room is designed with a sleek tufted sofa decorated with a fun floral pom pom pillow. Finishing off the area are two ornate floral painted chairs and in the corner a hand painted gown created by our very own Amy. You can find gold & silver hues and pops of red throughout the show room. A glass display showcases just a few of the beautiful accessories we use in our wedding designs, from tall centerpieces to candelabras to pillar candle holders.

We definitely feel our stunning showroom  makeover is beautiful, inviting & inspiring!

Big Thank you to Dan Harris PhotoArt for our fantastic photos!

_003-_D8C6329JPG_001-_D8C6358JPG _002-_D8C6357JPG _005-_D8C6346JPG _004-_D8C6345JPG A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere _009-_D8C6356JPG _010-_D8C6339JPG _017-_D8C6353JPG _011-_D8C6349JPG _012-_D8C6342JPG _019-_D8C6351JPG A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere A Fantasy in Flowers Showroom Premiere

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