Seeing Purple!

We recently created this lush purple centerpiece for a home-session for a few of our industry friends and just had to share the beauty with you! We actually want to let you in on a little secret too- this lovely arrangement is a mix of real and fake flowers! Gasp! We bet you wouldn’t have known if we didn’t spill the beans. But, we like to give you the truth around here, so there it is! 

Our client had a specific color palette in mind (you guessed it, purple + plum) that can sometimes be challenging to create without a little help. See below for the details on what you see! 

Fantasy Floral Details 

Fake Floral Choices: purple hydrangea, lime + deep plum/eggplant ranunculus, lavender waxflower 

Real Floral Choices: Roses, greenery, thistle, status (the fluffy deep purple-blue filler), aster (the petite purple flower with a yellow center), Alstroemeria (the delicate freckled flower in the same shade as the rose)

Now, we will be the first to say that we always prefer and encourage the real deal. Nothing truly compares to fresh florals. But, sometimes we have to stretch the boundaries a bit to give our clients the visual look they want. So, silk it is!  

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