Our very own Amy is in the newspaper!

If you got the Florida Times Union yesterday you may have read about our own floral stylist, Amy Dwarika!

Amy is an aspiring children’s illustrator and does many paintings and murals for our shop–just check out our window displays the next time you drive by– and she also recently painted this bookshelf, which her husband built.

Makeup Artist Paulina Perez is on the left, Amy is on the right.

Amy has donated the bookshelf to help raise money for Paulina’s trip to Africa to build an orphanage for children. You can read the whole news story here.

Amy is quoted in the story saying:

“I would love to be able to volunteer like that, but since I can’t at the moment, I wanted to help by doing what I could,” said Dwarika, a Mandarin resident. “So I donated the bookshelf.”

Here’s a photo of Amy creating a quick painting of a flower in our shop while the bookcase sits behind her.

Amy is working on a fan page and trying to get her illustrator career off the ground. We are so proud of her and to have her work appear in our shop! Below are some images of her and her work:

Aren’t those gorgeous? Very colorful and creative. Just like her floral work!

This one is what Amy envisions for a 2 page spread in a book. She has currently started working with a writer for the book to help pull it together.

Please support Paulina’s cause by donating money or buying a $5 raffle ticket. If you would like to see the awesome work Amy did on the bookshelf, swing by our shop and say “hi”.

Congrats Amy and Paulina on appearing in the Florida Times Union!

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