Hydrangeas, why we love them! — North Florida Florist

We love hydrangeas at A Fantasy in Flowers. Not only do they come in an assortment of colors but their big flowery heads mean that you need less of them to fill a bouquet or centerpiece, making them an extremely affordable option for many brides.

Hydrangeas are thought to stand for friendship, understanding and devotion—perfect for two people starting a long life together.  Another definition of what the flower stands for, says that it stands for “heartfelt emotions” and is used to “express gratitude for being understood.”

Martha Stewart’s website has a nice group of photos showing different ways to use Hydrangeas in centerpieces. We particularly love the green apple ribbon table—gorgeous!

One of the other ideas on Martha Stewart’s site was to put them in little white buckets with the buckets showing a table number. This is cute idea and our friends over at Ten 23 Designs can help you do the vinyl numbers.

Some of our brides are scared to use Hydrangeas because they’ve seen them in other weddings and they are wilted and sad looking. This is why we HIGHLY recommend you use a professional florist, we know how much water to give them to keep them looking beautiful all day long.

If you would like to dry your flowers and preserve them after your wedding, here are some tips on how to do it and also how to use them in wreaths and things:

Thank you to Christy Whitehead at Christy Whitehead Photography for supplying photos from our past weddings and events of flowers we created.

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