Best of The Knot, 2013

Thank you to all of our past brides who took the time to go on sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire to review us honestly. Not only do you give us awesome feedback, but you also help new brides pick a florist!

If you are a recent bride who hasn’t left a review, PLEASE visit The Wedding Channel and Wedding Wire and leave a review, we would greatly appreciate it, thank you!

Some of our awesome recent reviews from our Fantasy Brides include:

Flowers Fit for a Queen posted 6/6/2012

I went to them with a vision of a royal wedding. We went with simply elegant for the church and grand for the reception venue. Everything was beautiful.The ladies are very easy to work with and will stay true to your budget. They also have an artist on the staff that created a royal crest for my husband and I. It is now hanging in our foyer! Love…


A Perfect Vintage Wedding    posted 3/4/2012

A Fantasy in Flowers in St. Augustine did an amazing job for our wedding. Amy, our florist, captured everything I had envisioned. We did a vintage wedding and the flowers we chose were absolutely perfect!!! I could not have asked for anything more.


Amy was very nice to work with as well, as many of our meetings were over the phone and through email. I told her what I wanted and she said no worries. I also appreciated the fact that Amy was able to work with all of the things we provided. My mother and I collected tea pots, cups, bottles, and mason jars for our decor. We brought all of it to Amy and she put just the right flowers in just the right places. She also used the vintage books we brought and staged the tables just like we wanted.


When I walked in to our reception area I was in shock at how beautiful everything turned out. The flowers for the wedding party, parents, and grandparents were wonderful as well. I’m so glad we used A Fantasy in Flowers!!! They made our wedding that much more perfect and Amy’s expertise helped so much!


Nothing short of AMAZING    posted 8/9/2012

OMG, Amy is absolutely amazing. She knows her flowers! I just “said” what I wanted and voila, it was reality! She was very patient and every time I made a change/added to my order, Susan was right on top of it to make sure Amy had it. I can’t say enough about them!


Above and beyond!!    posted 7/6/2011

Amy D. from A Fantasy in Flowers is an absolute floral genius. But let me start from the beginning. I was torn between two florists after seeing them both at a wedding show. Admittedly I was leaning toward the other florist because we hit it off so well at the show, but when I began requesting estimates from both places, AFIF was a rockstar. Within 48 hours I had a mock invoice listing multiple items, the specific flowers envisioned, and estimated costs. And from there, the customer service got even better.


I started off with just the bouquets, boutonnieres, and two big outdoor arrangements because I was at the time certain that I’d be making my own centerpieces with candles and bulk-ordered online flowers because “I’d save money” and “they’d be original.” First of all, that is erroneous on both counts. After adding up all of the supplies for my original centerpieces, I was only saving about $5-10 per centerpiece, and the stress/work involved was NOT worth a savings of perhaps two or three hundred bucks. Trust me.


Secondly, and let me repeat, Amy at AFIF is a genius; plus, let’s be honest, yours (if you’re like me) will end up looking super amateur anyway. Don’t go all elegant/whimsy/wow-factor on every other detail of the wedding and then botch the flowers. Plus, I must have exchanged 2 dozen emails with Susan adding/changing/deleting things and she was always sweet and accommodating.


I did not go to them with specific flower demands like ONLY YELLOW PEONIES!! because that is a recipe for disaster. All I told Amy was the feel I was going for, and what my inspiration was, which was “Old Florida.” I may have even used the term “elegant … swamp.” Either way, she got the gist and ran with it and created the most stunning, unforgettable, rave-worthy bouquets, centerpieces, and fireplace mantle I have ever seen.


MANY guests came up to me with “that is the most beautiful bouquet/idea/arrangement I have ever seen.” Best of all, Amy new I was on a tight budget, and made it all happen by using affordable flowers and lots and lots of greenery. I had 12 centerpieces, two outdoor pieces, 1 smaller piece for sign-in table, 6 bouquets, a throw bouquet, 9 boutonnieres, 3 corsages, and a mantle for a little over $2k. AFIF is a bride’s dream.


Thank you to all of you lovely ladies for leaving your feedback!

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