A planner can save your wedding day and make ours easier — North Florida Florist

There has been a lot of talk amongst vendors and brides recently about the importance of hiring a wedding planner/coordinator, not just a site planner, and this blog post is just one more reason why we feel EVERY bride should have a wedding planner! (Check out our colleague Christy Whitehead’s blog about the subject.)

Tanya Hendricks, of Southern Charm Events, recently approached us about teaching her and her staff the basics of floral designing and what to do in a floral emergency on the wedding day.

We are so proud of our new design space and loved the opportunity to show it off. And we appreciated the opportunity to show her staff tips and tricks of the trade.

While A Fantasy in Flowers does everything in its power to make sure the wedding day flowers arrive safely and are beautiful, accidents can happen after we leave. For example, when transporting large arrangements from ceremony to reception site, something may fall or break off. Groomsman may lose their boutonnieres and photos may still need to be taken, etc.

The ladies over at Southern Charm quickly learned that our floral artists deal with a lot more tools and such then they ever expected and our job entails a lot more details then just picking flowers and tying them together.

It was sooo cute, Tanya brought in her “floral toolbox,” which was the size of a small tackle box and our floral designer Julia about died with laughter as ours is so much larger. Tanya is def. going to be getting a MUCH larger toolbox after the list of “must have” items we gave her to buy.

Tanya’s group brought food and wine and our designer Julia showed the girls how to wrap a bouquet, how to make a boutonniere, how to carry the large floral pieces and how to repair many common problems. They also learned how to make a corsage, clean flower stains from outfits and practiced pinning on the bouttoniers among other skills.

Hopefully, one of the important things they learned in the process is why a bride should hire a professional florist and how our expertise comes into play to make the bouquets and centerpieces not only beautiful but lasting.

We had a great time with Southern Charm Events! Thank you ladies for thinking of us.

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