A Perfect Ponte Vedra Bridal Shower

Our beautiful daughter, Katie is GETTING MARRIED in less than three months, so you know what that means? Bring on the festivities! First up was her Perfect Ponte Vedra Bridal Shower, thrown by the wonderful Hostess Jennifer, a dear friend of mine and Co-Host, Dani, Best Friend & Maid of Honor to the Bride. As the acclaimed “Mother of the Bride”, I have to say that I am having tons of fun with planning this wedding! We had a secret girls night to prep for the shower where we “Boozedazzled” (yes, we made that up!) lots of wine and champagne bottles to make them beautifully dazzled for the shower. It was a lot of fun, and we wish the Bride had been there (it was a secret).

The day of the shower was absolutely perfect. Of course, A Fantasy in Flowers provided the floral arrangements and our very sweet Amy was so gracious to style it alongside hosts, Jennifer & Dani. Katie couldn’t have been happier. Daisy the dog was there in full spirits to greet everyone and it wouldn’t have been the same without her. Most of all, our dear Bride Katie was able to relish in being showered and surrounded by local family & friends in anticipation of her big day!

A special thanks to Dan Harris for taking these beautiful pictures for us.

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Bride – wearing Lily Pulitzer Spring 2016
MOB and hostess Jennifer wearing ETC
Cupcakes – Bonnie Ossi Mann
Styling – Amy Scott Dwarika & Jennifer Singleton
Florals -A Fantasy in Flowers
Photography – Dan Harris PhotoArt
Daisy – the dog
Champagne- Veuve Cliquoit

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